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January has kicked off to a great start over here with Mindsett as we have unveiled the newest iteration of our asset monitor’s design.

From the monitor’s conception until now we have been through many designs of various sizes. All functional, all innovative, but none quite like this.

The monitor’s compact design means that it can hook up to a site’s distribution board with relative ease and not take up an enormous amount of room in the process. The sleek exterior makes it atheistically  pleasing whilst being wholly functional.

The installation process of the monitor is carried out with as little disruption to trade as possible. Our team conducts a survey at a site and orders all the materials needed. We then return for the installation and monitor the data continually, this way any disruptions in the data flow are flagged and rectified immediately.

Once the process is complete, we can then provide detailed reports outlining assets energy consumption, this enables us to advise an organisation where they are overconsuming energy and how to reduce that amount. When the device has been monitoring assets for over 12 months predictive maintenance is an additional element that can be offered to customers.

Mindsett has conducted several trials across a range of sectors including hospitality, food and beverage, healthcare, and education. Using IoT technology we have been able to identify which asset classes are responsible for the majority of overall consumption. With this information, Mindsett has been able to demonstrate that there is a significant opportunity to improve energy efficiency by making small actionable changes. Depending on the site type this could range from aligning energy consumption with high traffic periods or it could involve reducing out-of-hours consumption.

Mindsett is the only company bringing to market an end-to-end energy monitoring solution, no part of the process needs to be outsourced. We handle every stage from manufacture to install right through to reporting and alerts. We have also conducted extensive research in conjunction with the University of Essex so we can better understand frontline workers and their attitude towards energy consumption.

If your organisation is on a net-zero journey and wants an innovative IoT energy solution that not only provides billing visibility and consumption reports but also an easy-to-use application and behavioural change coaching, then get in touch here.