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We used a combination of behavioural coaching and detailed reporting to influence a change in energy-saving behaviours across the organisation.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, staff across the UK adapted to working from home where possible. The team at Cloudfm in Colchester was no different and their almost 150-strong staff moved to working remotely.

The pandemic sparked a change for Cloudfm, and as the work from home order was lifted, the team retained the ability to work remotely if they wished. This shift in working patterns has also brought with it a change in energy consumption patterns. While a significant number of colleagues opt to attend the office, it is rarely a consistent number.

With varying levels of energy consumption, it became increasingly important for building managers to find a way to understand and manage their energy usage.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges facing building managers was the lack of visibility about which assets were consuming energy and when.

Without this level of understanding it was difficult to construct a plan to reduce usage. And changing colleague behaviours towards energy can be an onerous task.

Managers also faced a hurdle when it came to implementing a realistic energy reduction strategy and reporting this progress to the board as part of Net Zero reporting.


Our Mindsett Asset Monitor was installed at the office in Colchester. Owing to PRISM’s innovative design our monitor was able to pull data directly from the relevant assets and use this information to provide a detailed outline of which assets were the biggest offenders for energy consumption.

With Mindsett reporting, energy consumption was broken down to MWh at the asset level, to help understand potential areas of saving.

Mindsett also offers actionable insights. These have helped colleagues understand, for example, why certain asset classes are showing an increase in consumption and have offered observations that change attitudes towards energy usage.

Benefits of the Engagement

Cloudfm has seen several benefits from the monthly energy reporting. From November 2021 to December the report detailed an over 30% reduction in energy consumption.

There has also been a noticeable difference in the team’s attitude towards lowering energy consumption while in the office.