With thousands of restaurants being forced to close throughout the UK, a critical question is how to protect valuable food stock held in walk-in and under-counter freezers. Owned by Cloudfm Group, the restaurant industry’s only specialist FM company, Mindsett understands the specific commercial and compliance issues facing the sector during this time.


Mindsett excels in creating bespoke, affordable and scalable IoT solutions for large, multi-site organisations – such as cold chain monitoring. We monitor refrigeration and freezer temperatures at multiple levels to ensure that the asset is functioning correctly, and that stock is consistently being stored at the correct temperature.

Our unique wireless solution uses sensors to track variables such as temperature, humidity, leaks, vibration, occupancy, door security, noise and energy consumption. Easy to install and connected to users via a central dashboard and a mobile app, we have fully automated a range of processes and actions connected to building compliance, food safety, asset management, building security and predictive maintenance.

We don’t rely on clients’ WiFi to collate and transmit data, which makes our solution fit for purpose if clients have suspended their connection.

This is our entry-level offering. We can also provide additional sensors to diagnose any anomalies that occur, such as a temporary increase in temperature caused by a door opening. Also, we can scan for issues such as fluid ingress, which if left unchecked might undermine the viability of stock.


  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Stock preservation
  • Digital audit trial
  • Fully automated process
  • Identify energy savings
  • Reduce staff visit to site
  • Low cost hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Facilitates predictive maintenance


Our sensors send data via the Cloud to Mindsett’s system which is powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This enables the data to be converted into actionable insights, with patterns of behaviour established and accounted for to avoid false positives.

Mindsett then communicates with designated users via the mobile app and/or central dashboard, according which is easiest to view – a single site or the whole estate.

Push notifications are generated to alert users of potential issues related to activity or maintenance that might threaten the condition snecessary to preserve stock. In this way, staff can be empowered to correct issues before they become a problem, and senior staff can have complete peace of mind that assets are running efficiently, and site visits can be limited if needed.


Cold chain monitoring is a process typically associated with the medical sector, where the storage and security of valuable medical products is of paramount importance. Losses in this sector are costly and potentially litigious, and there are consequences for ongoing supply.

The Mindsett solution was designed with NHS partners in GP surgeries and hospitals, where it is used to ensure refrigeration integrity and create a CQC-compliant audit trail in real-time with accessibility online. The parallels with the restaurant and hospitality industry are clear, enabling premises and assets to be maintained remotely, and paving the way for automated maintenance and compliance going forward.

Temperature monitoring is essential for a large GP practice, where the cost of a fridge malfunctionis upwards of £10,000 annually. The Mindsett solution gives us complete peace of mind and has reduced the time needed for manual compliance checks by up to 1 hour – freeing up nurses to focus on patient care.

Any business that relies on maintaining a high standard of compliance within a highly regulatedindustry should consider using IoT. We’re already looking at the possibilities for energy savings,security and occupancy, which are all achievable using the infrastructure installed for cold chain monitoring. I would highly recommend Mindsett as a unique and accessible tech solution.”

Dr Tim CooperPractice Partner & Clinical Director