Compliance and Risk

Releasing time to serve

Mindsett uses IoT technology to automate manual processes, which in turn reduces the risk of human error resulting in an immediate return on investment and more time for staff to spend where it matters, with customers.

Time Saving
Cost Saving
Behavioural Change

Releasing Time to Care

Mindsett technology refocuses operations on the customer or patient.

Automates Compliance

Ensuring you are up to date with legal and best practice requirements

Digitises Hard Copys

Mindsett technology removes the need for paper records and creates a full audit trail.

Prevents Stock Loss

We track temperature fluctuations and catch failures ahead of time, meaning valuable stock isn’t lost.

We Keep Things Simple

Our sensors and asset monitors are built to fit seamlessly into any setting with no disruption and minimal downtime. We specialise in keeping things simple even in the most complex of settings.

Improve Operational Oversight

  • Verify that assets are fully operational and notify users of exceptions through a simple app and push notifications
  • Understand what’s driving asset performance
  • Replace paper-based processes and create an online audit trail
  • Lay the foundations for predictive maintenance, avoid critical asset failure and streamline maintenance processes
  • Capture compliance and risk information in real-time
  • Replace paper-based processes and create an online audit trail

Preventing refrigerated stock losses

Mindsett offers remote monitoring for a range of industries, from restaurants dealing with Covid closures to medical grade cold-chain monitoring, we can provide you with real-time data direct to your mobile.

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