Asset Level Energy Monitoring

The future of energy monitoring is here. With our unique PRISM device Mindsett can go deeper than any other technology on the market. We can show you exactly which assets are consuming the most energy, and help you identify areas for reduction.

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What is Asset Level Energy Monitoring?

In-Depth Information

You get so much more than with a traditional smart meter. Know exactly which assets are consuming the most energy and when.

Real Time Data

You get information in real time in the form of dashboards and a mobile based app, enabling you to improve reporting and compliance.

Actionable Insights

We feed you data in a format that makes taking action simple. Clearly understand where excess energy consumption is happening, and we help you to take steps to reduce it.

Start Your Journey to Predictive Maintenance

Our PRISM device can enable predictive maintenance within a year of installation, reducing the need for costly repairs and call-out services.

How can Mindsett Energy Monitoring help you?

“The Committee on Climate Change, in their report in May 2019 stated that to get to a Carbon Net Zero position the UK will need to invest in behavioural change and technology. However, they predict that a combination of the two will achieve 53% of this target.”


Average percentage of energy saved across an estate.


Number of months in which clients can expect to see payback.


Rise in the energy price cap as of April 2022.

Immediate Savings and Green Funding

Our Building Data as a Service approach means a small monthly fee, so savings begin month 1. We also support GIFT*, a vehicle that gives businesses access to interest-free funds for energy cost-saving initiatives.
*GIFT: Green Innovation Fund for Technology

Benefits include:

  • Interest free, upfront funding
  • No capital outlay
  • Immediate savings
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Defined route to ‘Net-Zero’
  • Self-funding IoT infrastructure that will evolve with the business