Our IoT technology lends itself to a wide range of applications within the healthcare sector. Our medical grade cold-chain sensors and room environment sensors are easy to install and blend in seamlessly. They ensure you remain compliant, patients are kept comfortable, and stock is protected from loss. Our PRISM device can help identify energy savings and once enough data is collected it can predict you assets behaviour, meaning you can get ahead of any malfunctions.

We Release Time to Care

In a healthcare setting there is never enough time, so why waste the precious time your staff do have on manual checks?

Mindsett’s IoT technology enables your staff to spend their time where it matters, with patients. We automate all the checks for you, and will only send you an alert if something needs action.

For compliance all the data is stored so your reporting is accurate and up to date. Refrigeration stock is safe, air quality is kept at a safe level, room temperatures are comfortable, and most important, staff and patients are happy.

We Understand

Compliance is Key (CQC)

- Automation of compliance activities such as cold chain monitoring, air quality testing, and room environment monitoring.
-Digitisation of paper processes to remove waste.
-Creation of a virtual audit trail.

We Promise

Guaranteed ROI

-Enabling clinical staff to focus on clinical activities
-Payback typically immediate in month one
-Avoidance of treatment failure
-Prevention of stock loss

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We Deliver

Ensuring Assets Deliver

-Real-time data, insights and action to support operational priorities
-Analytics overlaid with AI and Machine Leaning to understand what is driving asset performance
-Advanced warning of mechanical failure and streamline the maintenance process

“The peace of mind that this simple but effective, technology brings to play cannot be underestimated.”

Dr.Tim CooperPractice Partner and Clinical Director NHS


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