We’ve turned data into action at site-level, helping organisations to target energy and resources where they have the most impact. Our solution combines IoT, AI and machine learning to reduce costs and eliminate waste.

Working in partnership with operations.

Operations are vital in delivering success.  Their learned behaviours are the key to enabling sustainable change.  Our three-step strategy guarantees this change and delivers the outcome.

Digital Twin

The power behind Mindsett

The Mindsett solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which means that data can be aggregated to identify best practices in relation to operational efficiency and equipment performance.

We can show you right down to individual asset level, how much energy your equipment consumes, and flag up when a potential breakdown can occur, ensuring you aren’t left non-trading.

Mindsett's unique understanding

Coming from a maintenance background, we understand the challenges faced by operations and have designed the Mindsett solution to aid efficient and effective working.

We have proven our technologies capabilities in a range of settings including: retail spaces, fast-food establishments and popular chain restaurants.

Solutions rooted in research

Our Sustainability Coaches work with front-line staff to promote engagement and follow up with restaurants that fail to make simple changes and miss out on savings.

We work closely with the University of Essex to engage in research and produce publications in the area of behavioural science. You can download our most recent whitepaper below.

“This initiative with Mindsett extends our longstanding partnership with Cloudfm, building on the company’s cutting-edge FM technology platform, to bring new efficiencies to this and other key processes in our business.”

Siobhan FaganGroup IT Director at Pizza Express

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