The App and Hardware

Mindsett has designed and developed the products in-house, building upon the technical advancements and expertise of the award winning Cloudfm Freedom platform.

The Hardware

Robust Materials. Cutting Edge Technology. Actionable Data

Cool Design
Amazing Style
Sharp Edges
Ultra Durable

More than an a smart meter

Mindsett’s PRISM monitor gives you asset level insight into your energy consumption, going deeper than any other monitor on the market. Get actionable data for you and your team.

Remote monitoring to ensure minimal stock loss.

Mindsett’s remote cold-chain monitoring provides peace of mind and releases staff time to serve. Remotely monitoring your refrigeration units ensures you never have to worry about losing any contents due to asset failure.

One monitor three data streams

Our room environment sensors take care of comfort levels for you so your staff can re-focus their time elsewhere. Covid-19 has placed a huge emphasis on the importance of air quality, our sensors monitor this along with room temperature and humidity to ensure a safe environment for your business.

The App

Modern Interface. Real-Time Alerts. User-Friendly Design



Our team of engineers will arrive at your site and install our PRISM device and/or our IoT sensors with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.


Once install is complete our team gets you set up on the Mindett app. Once downloaded and connected your data will start to pull through in real-time.


From here on out Mindsett does the work for you! You will only need to take action if an alert pulls through giving your team time back to spend where it matters most, with customers.

The App that Drives the Outcome

Mindsett begins where most systems end. Our app converts the data into clear insights in the hands of users. It provides real-time alerts so colleagues don’t have to spend time on manual checks and offers downloadable reports so you remain compliant.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Data is stored and available for download in a report format
  • Provides straightforward, real-time analytics and financial information
  • Customisable to represent organisational preferences and language
Dashboard View

Provides real-time data so your team can take action.

User-Friendly Design

Our dashboards are created with the user in mind.

Complete Visability

Easily switch between locations for multi-site estates.

ML in Action

Our dashboards show machine learning in operation.


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